Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are commonly used where access mains sewage pipes is not possible. Septic tanks come in various sizes dependent on the amount of people that are expected to use drainage system.  The government provides a free daily discharge calculator so if you are planning a new system or if your current septic tank system needs emptying too frequently this will give you an idea of the size of tank required.

LMR Drainage & Plumbing services are your first call for installation and maintenance of Septic Tanks North Wales.  We also can repair and upgrade existing septic tank and cesspits systems if you are having drainage or sewage issues.

New Septic Tank Installations

Our drainage experts offer a seamless service from design to installation and can design your septic tank and soak away system to current building regulation taking into your exacting and sites requirements.

LMR Drainage & Plumbing are your first call for septic tanks in North Wales and offer expert advice for all manner of domestic and commercial septic tank installations.

There are many things to take into consideration when designing a new septic tank installation and our exports can help advise you of the best system for your site requirements and waste output rate.  Sometimes the site conditions do not allow the correct fall or if the ground water level is high there may not be the necessary depths to install a standard system, so we can also design and install sump and pump systems to more challenging systems.

What is the difference between Cesspool, Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant

Common Septic Tank Problems

Backing up of drains, this can be caused by an number of reasons including in an ineffective soak away, inadequate fall on drainage pipes, blocked drain pipe or something as simple as the septic tank need emptying. here are a few more potential issues and their causes.

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