Sewage Pump Services

Some drainage installations require sewage pumps, waste water soak away pumps or sewage grinder pumps.  We offer a complete service from sewage pump repair and new installations.

Due to some site conditions there is not enough fall for effective conventional waste water drainage.  So in these cases a pump maybe required to get the waste to the waste outlet such as a septic tank or mains sewers. Also sewage pumps can also be used after a septic tank or sewage treatment plant to pump the water to a suitable place or ground level for effective soak away or to suitable water course.

LMR Drainage, The Sewage Pump Experts!

LMR Drainage & Plumbing services are your first call for installation and maintenance of sewage pumps, grinder pump or dirty water pump system.  We have many years experience installing and replacing all manner of drainage pumps.

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