Water Leak Detection

Have you found excessive moisture in your home/office and you suspect that might be from a water leak? Or do you suspect your water usage seems a lot more than you think it should be? You don’t have to worry as LMR Drainage & Plumbing Services LTD is here for you and we will use all our expertise and knowledge to help you quickly and efficiently.

Why should you use water leak detection services?

Our water leak detection North Wales service is designed with a single purpose, and that is to track any water leaks before they cause structural problems. This can be disastrous for your house or apartments and in time they can lead to massive costs. Using our service to detect water leaks North Wales will allow you to save money and keep your family safe.

If you are a home owner, water leaks can cause a lot of damage to the garden, driveway and it will even affect the home structure. You have to address the issue immediately and thankfully LMR Drainage & Plumbing Services LTD is here to help. We have decades of experience in this sector and we will provide a very high quality detection, all while offering to repair any issues that appear. Our workmanship is renowned and we work very hard to ensure that you obtain complete satisfaction and all at a low cost too.

What areas do we cover?

The LMR Drainage & Plumbing Services LTD water leak detection North Wales service addresses most of the counties in this region. This includes:

What detection methods are used for water leaks?

We focus on using 3 advanced methods that will help identify and diagnose the source of all water leaks fast and with great efficiency. We use the latest equipment on the market in order to offer professional, accurate and reliable water leak detection North Wales. You can rely on our detection efficiency and rest assured that we will address any problem fast and efficiently.


Once the water leaks are detected, we will immediately dig to access the leak. After we reach the leak we will immediately repair it.

LMR Drainage & Plumbing Services offers you the perfect way to save money on potential repairs with our efficient service. Helping you to maintain your home’s structure and maintain a safe environment in your home or place of work.

Contact us, we are your first call experts for water leaks in North Wales and great we’re value for money too!

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